Retail Experience, app design


Role: Lead designer, UI/UX

Market: United Arab Emirates

Date: Dec 2017

Just Switch is a gateway to personalizing your tech accessories to match your attitude and style. Their online store allows you to Create Your Own designs by using your photos, art, text, and symbols to personalize your smartphone, gaming device, laptop, tablet or audio device. Now they want to bring that convenient experience to their retails, and that’s when they reached out to us.

I didn’t just take whatever they currently have on their website and turned it into an app for interactive kiosks. Instead, I tried their online store over and over again, eventually came up with a new experiences. A simpler, faster experience that specifically designed for retails. My design has two objectives in mind: get people’s attention when device is idling, and letting users be able to finish their customization of a product within 5 minutes.

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