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iOS app design


Role: Art Director, UI/UX

Market: Saudi Arabia

Graphic Design: Ren Wei

Team: DXBee Belgrade

Date: Jun 2017

An entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia approached us during summer 2017. He saw a growing demand of home services in his country, so he wanted to build a home service app that specifically designed for Saudi Arabia. He wants our team to design the user experience and user interface, in order to present it to venture capital companies and secure the first round of investment.

The challenge of this project is the target audiences. Saudi Arabia is very behind in this kind of technologies, and people who are going to use this app are mostly not very tech savvy. Our solution is to make the experience as simple as possible, and that leads us to chatbot. Chatbot is a computer program with conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods using artificial intelligence. Our design allows user to interact with the AI bot, and match them with the appropriate service vendor.

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