Ten and


Branding, VI, website


Role: Creative Director, UI/UX

Market: The United States, Canada

Graphic Design: Yin Liu

Date: Nov 2015

Ten and Two is a Toronto based creative agency. The focus of the company is web-based design project including corporate site, microsite, mobile campaign, etc. I work with them as a part time designer and consultant. Ten and Two was officially started in 2015, with a few projects already completed and launched, we could already visualize the identity of Ten and Two.

01. Branding

We decided to go with courageous colors, sharp corners, and triangles for the branding. Make everything as clean as possible. The logo is a “T” formed with two triangles, and then designed a very digitized font for the text “Ten and Two”.

Ten and Two branding
Ten and Two branding
Ten and Two branding

02. Stationery

Same with the branding, we want to keep every item very tidy. We removed informations that are irrelevant such as fax number on business cards, URL on letterhead.

Ten and Two branding
Ten and Two branding

03. Website

Since Ten and Two is mainly getting projects over referrals or from well connected advertising firms. The main objective of the website is not for marketing, it was just a show case of the work of Ten and Two. Therefore, we decided to go with a home page containing about, work and contact sections, with case studies as inner page.

Ten and Two website
Ten and Two website
Ten and Two website

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