Nathan Gao

Senior UX Designer at MING Labs

I have been in the creative field for 5 years. Recently I returned to China, after working as Head of UI/UX at DXBee Media in Dubai, a digital transformation agency that helps companies keeping pace with an increasingly digitized market. Their clients include some of the biggest brands in the Gulf states and around the world, such as Meraas, Meydan, Vodafone, McDonald’s, and Michael Kors. My responsibilities at DXBee are leading the UI/UX team, turning creative partner’s ideas into prototypes, working on the overall conceptualization and design. When there are projects for high-value clients, I also get involved in production.

Before moving to Dubai, I lived in Canada for 6 years. After completed the multimedia design program and a work placement at Durham College, I landed a UI designer job at Bash Interactive, a DXBee subsidiary based in Toronto. My role was to design and develop web apps and micro-sites for events and online campaigns.

During my spare time, I travel around the world, watch news, and read books. It helps me to get inspired, understand different cultures and markets, and keep up with the latest trends.

Latest work

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