Reiri Home

Art direction, UX/UI design


Role: Lead designer, UI/UX

Market: Asia-Pacific

Team: MING Labs Singapore

Date: Feb 2022

Daikin embarked on the development of a smart home app called "Reiri for Home," designed to enable remote and efficient control of AC and other equipment. To enhance the user experience and visual design of the app, Daikin entrusted MING Labs with the task. Our team conducted a comprehensive audit and explored various artistic directions. After careful consideration, we arrived at a captivating final design for Reiri for Home, aimed at engaging users and leaving a lasting impact on their experience.

As the UX lead for this project, I assumed the responsibility of developing the new visual concepts, conducting a thorough UX audit, and establishing the overall design production approach. Working alongside me was our art director, Andrea, who dedicated his expertise to shaping the brand and providing art direction. Additionally, our UX designer, Zanwei, played a pivotal role in focusing on UI design and execution.

Daikin Reiri Home

The entire project spanned approximately 12 weeks, divided into distinct phases. We allocated 2 weeks to the visual concept phase, during which we explored and developed various design directions. Following that, we dedicated 8 weeks to the comprehensive redesign of the mobile app's UX/UI, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Additionally, we allocated 2 weeks specifically for adapting the design to tablet devices, optimizing the app's interface for larger screens. Upon completion, we provided a comprehensive handover package, including design files for both the mobile app and tablet versions, along with a UI component library. This package equips the client with all the necessary assets to continue the project smoothly.

Visual Concept Development

In order to align the design direction with Daikin's brand concept and effectively communicate their message, we presented multiple concept directions for the visual design. Each direction offered a distinct mood, style, and identity, allowing us to explore different creative avenues. By proposing these varied concepts, we ensured a comprehensive exploration of possibilities and provided Daikin with a range of options to choose from. This approach allowed us to tailor the visual design to closely align with Daikin's desired brand image and effectively convey their intended message.

Daikin Reiri Home

Component and icon library

To optimize the utilization of the various functions and displays within 'Reiri for Home,' we developed a comprehensive library of components. This approach allowed us to efficiently complete the design process while enhancing and optimizing the overall use of the design system, ultimately improving efficiency across the board.

Given the extensive range of functions and the need to accommodate multi-language environments, icons emerged as the primary means of conveying information. Recognizing this, we undertook a redesign of over 100+ icons, ensuring a consistent style that would assist users in comprehending the product's features more effectively. By unifying the icon set, we aimed to enhance user understanding and facilitate seamless interaction with the application.

Daikin Reiri Home
Daikin Reiri Home
Daikin Reiri Home

Mobile App UI Design

Through the establishment of foundational styles, icons, and components, we provided our designers with a solid framework that enabled them to efficiently create all the screens required for the project. By streamlining this process, we not only saved valuable time but also ensured consistency throughout the design.

Additionally, we took the opportunity to address any interaction problems present in the original design. By identifying and resolving these issues, we further enhanced the overall design, resulting in a more seamless and user-friendly experience. This iterative approach allowed us to refine and optimize the interaction aspects, ultimately delivering an improved design that better aligns with the project's goals.

Daikin Reiri Home
Daikin Reiri Home

Tablet UI adaption

The final phase of the project involved adapting the design for tablet devices. Leveraging the completed mobile app as the foundation, we utilized the existing components and made necessary adjustments to accommodate the larger screen format. This included refining the layout and optimizing certain interactions to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience on tablets. By leveraging the existing design elements and tailoring them specifically for tablets, we were able to maintain consistency across different devices while enhancing the user experience for a larger screen size.

Daikin Reiri Home

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