Website, localization


Role: Lead designer, UI/UX

Market: Mainland China

Team: MING Labs Shanghai

Date: Dec 2018

Mapbox is an open source mapping platform for custom designed maps. After closing series C round investment with SoftBank, they want to build an independent China business entity. This requires a localized website which is specifically designed for Chinese developers.

We started the project with a 3 week concept sprint, the objectives were to map out all the content and documentations, create information architecture, build a prototype of the key pages, test it in order to get some insights for the next sprint, and lastly, create visual concept.

For the second sprint, our focus was to re-iterate the prototype base on the usability testing report, complete visual design for the whole site, and design support for development. We resolved legacy issues from .com site, and for efficient site building we built templates for re-use across the documentation pages.

Mapbox China website
Mapbox China website
Mapbox China website
Mapbox China website

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