6e Group


Creative concept and web design


Role: Lead designer, creative coder

Market: Global

Team: MING Labs China

Date: Feb 2019

6e Group is a China-based marketing agency that primarily serves international brands operating within the country. Recognizing the need to showcase the full range of services they offer, from strategy to execution and consultancy to marketing, 6e Group has embarked on a website revamp. Their goal is to create a digital platform that effectively highlights the breadth and depth of their services, demonstrating their expertise in delivering comprehensive marketing solutions to their clients. Through this website overhaul, 6e Group aims to establish a strong online presence and communicate their value proposition to potential customers in a compelling and impactful manner.

Working with another UX designer at MING Labs, I played a key role in developing a fresh and innovative creative direction for 6e Group's website. Together, we focused on creating a visually captivating and user-friendly design that effectively showcased the agency's wide range of services. In addition to the design work, I also took the initiative to build the front-end code for their home page. By providing the development team with a reference implementation, I ensured that the final outcome closely matched the envisioned design.

Information Architecture and Wireframes

While the primary focus of the project was on visual improvements, we recognized the opportunity to address underlying UX issues during the website's ground-up development. With this in mind, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign process that encompassed both the information architecture and content structure of the website. By redesigning the IA, we aimed to create a more intuitive and user-friendly navigation structure. Building upon this foundation, we then proceeded to redesign the content structure for most of the pages, utilizing wireframes to visualize and refine the new layout and organization. This holistic approach allowed us to not only enhance the visual appeal of the website but also improve the overall user experience, ensuring that users could easily navigate and engage with the content.

6e Group website
6e Group website

Creative Concept

A strong brand connection is crucial for a successful creative concept, and in the case of 6e, the foundation of the concept stemmed from their name and business mission. The name "6e" draws inspiration from the Chinese word "博弈", which translates to "competition game." This concept of competition, whether physical or mental, conducted with participants in direct opposition to each other, forms the core idea. Building upon the Chinese background of the company, we incorporated the visual metaphor of the traditional Chinese board game "Go." The strategic nature and symbolic significance of "Go" made it a fitting representation of the competitive essence and mission of 6e.

Design Production

Once the visual concept for 6e's website was approved, our team dedicated the subsequent two weeks to complete the full site design production process. During this phase, we meticulously crafted the visual elements, layouts, and interactions to bring the concept to life across all pages of the website. Additionally, we ensured that the design was responsive, adapting seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices.

6e Group website
6e Group website

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