Wechat Mini-program


Role: Lead designer, UI/UX

Market: Mainland China

Team: MING Labs China

Date: Dec 2019

Due to the significant increase in Chinese tourism in Austria, the Vienna Tourist Board recognized the need to enhance their online experience and services to attract more Chinese tourists. To address this, MING undertook the design and development of a WeChat mini program on behalf of the Vienna Tourist Board. The mini program focused on showcasing Vienna's points of interest while incorporating interactive features such as postcard creation and quizzes to engage users. By leveraging these engaging elements, the mini program aimed to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for Chinese tourists, ultimately promoting Vienna as a desirable travel destination.

As the lead designer of this project, I undertook various responsibilities to ensure its success. I played a crucial role in proposing the overall process, establishing the visual direction, and guiding the project's direction. Additionally, I led the design production phase, overseeing the creation and implementation of all design deliverables. By assuming these key responsibilities, I ensured a cohesive and impactful design outcome, aligning with the project's objectives and meeting the client's expectations.

Vienna Tourism Mini-program

The feature tree we defined based on client's requirements

Art Direction

VTB already had an established visual design language primarily designed for the web and targeted at the international market. However, recognizing the need to cater specifically to the local market, we made certain adjustments to enhance its appeal. For instance, we carefully selected a more suitable Chinese font that resonated better with the target audience. Additionally, we made subtle tweaks to the user interface to make it more visually appealing and engaging for the local market. These modifications were aimed at ensuring that the design language effectively captured the attention and interest of the local audience, aligning with their preferences and cultural nuances.

Vienna Tourism Mini-program

Mini Program Design

Wechat mini-program projects often have budget constraints, requiring us to find ways to minimize design costs while maintaining high quality and usability. To achieve this, we adopted a strategic approach. Firstly, we streamlined the process by skipping the wireframe phase, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently. Instead, we focused on building highly adaptive components that could be easily customized and reused throughout the design. This approach not only saved time but also ensured consistency across different screens and interactions. Additionally, we directly worked on the user interface to create visually appealing and intuitive designs.

Vienna Tourism Mini-program
Vienna Tourism Mini-program
Vienna Tourism Mini-program

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